Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Sustainable carbon adsorbents

Our CreChar® AD enhancer increases the performance of anaerobic sludge treatment yielding more biogas and reducing the sludge volume. Other sustainable carbons within our product range have shown to increase the efficiency of the activated sludge process and can be used to remove phosphate in the polishing step.

Anaerobic digestion

Waste upgrading

We offer WWTW operators to convert their screening waste into a valuable non-toxic porous carbon adsorbent in a patent-pending process. The adsorbent can be used at the same or other WWTWs to eliminate odours from the wastewater or to remove COD, ammonia and phosphate.

CreChar® for Wastewater Treatment

CreChar® enhances the anaerobic digestion process of sewage sludge. This leads to higher biogas yield, less sludge, and less COD returned to wastewater treatment. In addition, CreChar® enhances process stability, which makes anaerobic stabilisation of sewage sludge less sensitive to changes in the organic and hydraulic load.

With CreChar®, water utilities can save costs on sludge treatment, produce more renewable biogas, and improve their climate impact. Moreover, after digestion and dewatering CreChar® remains part of the sewage sludge and increases its fertiliser value. This can make it easier for water utilities to secure current and new outlets for the sludge.