Past Projects


We collaborated with the research group of Dr. Andrew Free at the University of Edinburgh to prove the feasibility of a new fermentation technology for efficient conversion of syngas gas into biogas. Syngas is a by-product of the pyrolysis process, and our innovative syngas fermentation technology allows us to valorise this resource by turning it into valuable biogas, in line with our circular economy vision.

We formed a research partnership with the group of Prof James Chong at the University of York to unlock the information from a set of metagenomic data from CreChar®-amended anaerobic digestion reactors. This enabled us to unlock the full information in these datasets and to understand CreChar®’s impact on the composition and function of microbial communities in anaerobic digestion.
We have developed an innovative bioinformatics pipeline for the analysis of metagenomic data from microbial communities in anaerobic digestion and wastewater treatment plants. This cutting-edge research tool allows us to harness the full potential of modern metagenomic research to profile the microbiome in these plants across time and space in unprecedented depth and detail and to identify novel functional microbes that enhance biogas production.