Carbogenics Secures Innovate UK Grant in Collaboration with Scottish Water

Carbogenics wins Innovate UK Grant for Filachar

Carbogenics is thrilled to announce its successful bid with Scottish Water for a significant Innovate UK grant as part of the ‘Launchpad: bio-based manufacturing in Scotland‘ competition, specifically aimed at supporting innovative projects in bio-based manufacturing across Scotland. This grant underscores Carbogenics‘ commitment to advancing sustainability and bio-based solutions in manufacturing.

We would like to thank our R&D team who were instrumental in securing the grant and are now delivering the project. 

The funding will fuel Carbogenics‘ ongoing efforts to develop its pioneering FilaChar product, designed to revolutionise the upcycling of screening waste from wastewater treatment facilities. By repurposing this waste material into biochar, FilaChar aims to mitigate soil and water pollution, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional disposal methods.

Currently, screening waste poses a substantial challenge to wastewater treatment infrastructure, contributing to increasing landfill volumes and environmental degradation. Through innovative research and experimentation, Carbogenics seeks to address this pressing issue by transforming screening waste into a valuable resource with environmental benefits. To facilitate this we will be running pilot scale trials in partnership with Scottish Water and Scottish Water Horizons.

As part of the Scottish Biotechnology cluster, Carbogenics is dedicated to leveraging bio-based solutions for the betterment of communities and the wastewater treatment industry. FilaChar, Carbogenics‘ patent-pending product, acts as a carbon sink, addressing key challenges such as odour emissions and energy demand in wastewater treatment processes. 

This Innovate UK grant marks a significant milestone for Carbogenics, reinforcing its position as a leader in bio-based innovation and sustainability. With continued support and collaboration, Carbogenics is poised to make a meaningful impact in advancing bio-based manufacturing and environmental stewardship.

Carbogenics is currently seeking to raise further investment for the development of its operations facility, and to purchase specialist equipment. To find out more reach out to