Carbogenics Secures 2nd Innovate UK Grant!

Shortly after securing their first Innovate UK Grant, Carbogenics has bagged another grant for a second project!
Innovate UK Lagoon

The grant is again part of the ‘Launchpad: bio-based manufacturing in Scotland‘ competition, specifically aimed at supporting innovative projects in bio-based manufacturing across Scotland. This project aims to explore the use of digestate biochar as a lagoon cover and additive for the anaerobic digestion industry.

The funding will fuel Carbogenics‘ research into a new product derived from digestate feedstock, EcoChar (Emission Control Organic-Char). Carbogenics will explore the product’s effectiveness in reducing harmful gases emitted by a digestate lagoon. This EcoChar project involves characterising digestate and EcoChar, conducting small-scale testing, and analysing the EcoChar for additional benefits such as nutrient uptake. This project will validate the potential for EcoChar to be used as a low-cost, efficient, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional Anaerobic Digestion (AD) lagoon cover materials.

The Clean Air Strategy aims to tackle emissions from open slurry and digestate stores, mandating the use of emission abatement measures, particularly for lagoons currently exposed to the elements. While new constructions will require fixed covers, existing infrastructure can utilise various options, including organic layers of lightweight aggregates. Non-rigid covers, although commonly used, have limitations in gas and liquid containment, prompting the consideration of alternatives like biochar, which not only suppress emissions but can also serve as a fertiliser and soil conditioner, contributing to carbon sequestration.

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) systems, crucial for treating organic waste, produce biogas but also emit harmful gases such as ammonia. To address this, the EcoChar project explores using AD digestate to produce biochar through pyrolysis, offering a sustainable solution for waste management while enhancing circularity within the AD process. This approach not only mitigates environmental and health risks associated with gas emissions but also optimises resource utilisation and contributes to a more sustainable waste management framework.

As research scientists it is always exciting to be able to take ideas and put them to the test scientifically and economically. With this award we can progress early stage research, taking by-products and wastes and turning them into more environmentally friendly products and finding solutions to a problem” – David Vaughan – the R&D Director at carbogenics and the mastermind behind the project.

Carbogenics is a science-driven innovative start-up company seeking to raise further investment for the development of its operations facility to grow production of its breakthrough first product- CreChar- a tailored bioadditive that enhances the performance of anaerobic digestion. To contribute or find out more reach out to