Carbogenics opens first CreChar processing facility in Glenrothes!

The shelves are fully stocked at our new operational facility in Glenrothes, ready to distribute our patented CreChar product to clients all over the UK!
Carbogenics Operations Facility Biochar Stock

It has been a long time coming, but finally Carbogenics is able to proudly announce the opening of this cutting-edge site, dedicated to the production of our flagship product, CreChar, set to revolutionise the anaerobic digestion (AD) market.

Carbogenics and Innovation

Carbogenics has consistently led the way in sustainable solutions, and our Glenrothes facility is another example of our commitment to innovation, precision, and environmental responsibility. Utilising specialist technology and equipment, this modern facility ensures that CreChar is manufactured to the highest specifications, guaranteeing consistent quality and performance for our customers.

CreChar is specifically designed for AD

CreChar, our patented product, is engineered specifically to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of anaerobic digestion processes. By improving biogas yield and reducing waste, CreChar supports energy production and contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. Its unique formulation and production process set CreChar apart from other products in the market, offering unparalleled benefits to AD operators.

With CreChar as part of your AD process you could see an increase of biogas production of up to 10%, increased methane content and reduced process instability! Our product is easy to use, it comes packaged in a biodegradable paper bag that can be thrown into the tank directly as is.

If you are interested in trialling our CreChar product in your AD tank to see what it can do for you, reach out to

CreChar is a high quality Biochar

Our team of experts, use of specialised equipment, and stringent quality assurance processes ensure that every batch of CreChar meets the specific requirements of our patent and therefore the needs of our clients. This dedication to quality and precision sets us apart in the industry and drives our mission to provide superior products that make a real difference to AD.

We are only just getting started!

The Glenrothes facility represents our first facility, but with our growth plans it will become one of many! We are committed to continuous improvement, sustainability, and innovation, and we are confident that CreChar will play a crucial role in the future of renewable energy and the fight for NetZero.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our dedicated team, partners, and investors such as Green Angel Ventures, Old College Capital and Scottish Enterprise for their contributions making this all possible.

Carbogenics is a science driven innovative start-up company seeking to raise further investment for the development of its operations facility to grow production of its breakthrough first product- CreChar- a tailored bio additive that enhances the performance of anaerobic digestion. To contribute or find out more reach out to