Carbogenics Gets “Royal Approval”!

Carbogenics’ home is Edinburgh, and the city has marked the start of its 900th anniversary!
Carbogenics CEO Ed Craig and Queen Camilla


As part of the festivities, our CEO Ed Craig had the honour of being invited to a VIP event at Edinburgh Castle. There, he showcased the groundbreaking work of Carbogenics in front of none other than King Charles and Queen Camilla!

We were asked to represent Edinburgh for this special occasion along with MiAlgae because of our focus on sustainability, circularity, and innovation.

King Charles, has a well-known interest in biogas, and chatted about supporting an AD Plant in Devon that can generate energy and could provide enough gas for up to 54,000 houses. He even discussed the potential for CreChar supporting his new biogas plant. Both the King and Queen engaged with us, making it a delightful opportunity to share our innovative contributions to the industry with them.