Carbogenics Co-Founder, Lidia Krzynowek, Shares Insights on Spin-out Companies with Shadow Minister for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy

Carbogenics, a pioneering leader in the sustainable energy industry, is pleased that its Co-Founder, Lidia Krzynowek, was invited to participate in a discussion at the University of Edinburgh with Chi Onwurah, Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, along with members of Edinburgh Innovations.
Chi Onwurah and Carbogenics

The discussion provided an opportunity for Lidia to introduce Carbogenics to Chi Onwurah and share her insights and experiences in spinning out and growing Carbogenics. Lidia explained some of the challenges and opportunities associated with spin-out companies from academic institutions, such as IP negotiations and access to pre-series A funding for companies to develop products.

Carbogenics specialises in the production of CreChar, a sustainable biochar solution that enhances the efficiency of Anaerobic Digestion plants while contributing to carbon sequestration and environmental sustainability.

Lidia’s contributions to the discussion highlighted the vital role that spin-out companies can play in addressing global challenges such as climate change, renewable energy, and sustainable business practices.

Chi Onwurah, a prominent figure in the Labour Party’s leadership, is dedicated to exploring how universities can contribute to the economic and technological landscape of the future. Her visit to the University of Edinburgh underscores the importance of academic-industry collaboration and entrepreneurship in driving innovation and economic growth.