Carbogenics is bringing an Anaerobic Digestion workshop to Lincolnshire!

Join Carbogenics at our workshop in January 2024 to learn more about the basics of anaerobic digestion (AD).
David Vaughan AD Workshop


Carbogenics, known for its pioneering work in the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) industry, is set to host an educational workshop on January 15th 2024 in Lincolnshire UK.

Carbogenics, with its rich history of innovation and expertise in tailored biochar solutions for the AD industry, has proven itself to be a trusted leader in this field. Their commitment to sharing knowledge is exemplified by the upcoming AD workshop, which promises to provide participants with a deep understanding of AD fundamentals, ideal for both newcomers and industry veterans.

Key Highlights of the Workshop

The workshop, facilitated by Carbogenics’ AD expert, David Vaughan, is designed to equip participants with essential insights into AD biology and the factors that drive optimal performance. The content includes:

  1. Basic Principles of AD: Participants will delve into the core concepts of Anaerobic Digestion, providing a solid foundation for understanding the technology.
  2. Feedstock Types and Pre-Treatment: Exploring the diversity of feedstock and the importance of pre-treatment in the AD process.
  3. Understanding the AD Biology: A deep dive into the biological aspects of AD, decoding the intricate processes that occur within digesters.
  4. Importance of Temperature, pH & FOS/TAC: Discovering the critical role these factors play in ensuring efficient AD.
  5. Understanding AD Monitoring: Participants will gain insights into interpreting the numbers and data collected during the AD process.
  6. Common Problems and Solutions: Identifying challenges that are frequently encountered in AD and learning proactive strategies to overcome them.

Why Join the Workshop?

Carbogenics’ commitment to advancing sustainable technology is evident in the value they offer to workshop participants. Attendees can expect:

  • Local Accessibility: The workshop is being held in your local area, ensuring ease of participation.
  • Breakfast Rolls: A delicious breakfast to fuel the body and mind.
  • Network Building: An opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and become a part of the thriving AD community in your area.
  • Expert Delivered Training: Two hours of comprehensive training, led by Carbogenics’ very own AD expert, David Vaughan.
  • Access to Workshop Materials: Participants will receive access to valuable materials to reinforce their learning.

The Carbogenics’ AD workshop in Lincolnshire promises to be an enlightening experience for all who attend. It is an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of AD and learn from seasoned experts.